Major Products: Water & Oil Repellent Agent.
Company Profile : Altimilia Enterprise Co., Ltd. started petrochemical industry in 1995, and stepped into fluorochemical industry in 2013. Altimilia launched commercial production and started sales of Fluorinated Water & Oil Repellent Agent for textile in 2014. We provide practical and custom-made products that help people live better, safer and healthier for our customers. We devote to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources both for present and future. We profess that quality is the key to sell products worldwide. We vow to satisfy all of the requirements of our customers with the best quality and service, just like our slogan” Fits your needs”.
URL : www.alti.com.tw
Major Products: Reflective productions
Company Profile : ASIA SUN is an innovative specialty reflective manufacturer based in Taiwan operated over 20 years. We successfully applied reflective materials know-how to leisurewear & sportswear industry since 2007. Nowadays ASIA SUN is the Asian leader in specialty reflective material research and the top manufacturer around the world.
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Major Products: TPU Film, duopel Provecta TM, Orkesta TM, Advanta TM
Company Profile : DingZing Technical Films Most functionally advanced technical films in the industry. Our comprehensive range of films includes ester and ether based films, aliphatic, waterproof-breathable, composite, and custom-made grades for specific applications. Our technical films are divided in to three categories - Provecta TM, Orkesta TM, and Advanta TM - with each delivering specific functional benefits.
URL : www.dingzing.com
Everest Textile Co., Ltd.
Major Products: Eco Materials/ Technical Fashion & Causal/ Soft Shell/ Stretch/ Air Pass/Multi-Functional Membrane/Multi-Functional Fiber/Protective Fabric & Medical Material/Knitting
Company Profile : Founded in 1988, Everest Textile is an R&D oriented and vertically integrated textile manufacturer that specializes in yarn spinning, twisting, weaving, dyeing, finishing, printing, coating, laminating and special finishing. Everest develops and supplies high value-added and innovative products to global leading brands in sports, outdoor, city, casual and industrial materials etc.
URL : www.everest.com.tw
Major Products: Nonwoven fabric manufacture and nonwoven disposable products, such as surgical face mask、tea bag(FDA compliant)、wipe、clothes cover bag、fruit bag (permeable bag)、disposable bed towels for beauty salon…
Company Profile : FULL MEN Company was founded in 1980. More than 35 years of experience in the nonwoven manufacture. FULL MEN specialize in "Thermal Bond nonwoven" and "Air Through nonwoven" producing. Our process of the producing could use the many type of staple fibers like PP、bi-co PE/PP、bi-co PE/PET、PET、low melt PET、Rayon and Nylon. The applications wildly for many kinds of disposable purpose, especially in surgical face mask、tea bag、hand warmer、wipe and filtrations. We are available to provide the sheet、perforating、sewing nonwoven as well if customers required and could provide the treatment of the UV resistance、anti-bacterial、flame retardant、PE lamination、PE porous film lamination…etc.
We also buy & sell the other nonwoven fabrics like the spunbond、spunlace、needle punch and meltblown and OEM/ODM. We are available to offer the finished product made of the nonwoven.
URL : www.fullmen.com.tw
Major Products: Multi-Functional material/Protective material/Lamination material
Company Profile : Meridian Spring have been over 30 years experience in textile business field, currently we are focus on technical textile & products development.

Our products offerings like garments, wipes, knitting materials and various products into restaurant, electronics, and agricultural industry and also have been verified as comparable to industry standards.

We are expecting to develop and refine more efficient & profitable products to create new opportunity with customer together.
URL : www.co-spring.com
Major Products: Monofilament made of Polyester, Nylon and other raw materials.
Company Profile : Profile:
Ri-Thai Taiwan since 1977
Ri-Thai Guangzhou, China since 1993
Ri-Thai Kunshan, China since 1997
Ri-Thai Vietnam in March 2017

Overall sales revenue at $58 million by end of 2016
Overall 370 employees
Overall 62 extrusion lines
Overall 1650 – 1700 tons of extrusion capacity per month

Monofilament made of petro-based (PET, Nylon, TPEE…), biomass (PLA, PTT…), recycled (PET…) and engineering plastics (PPS, PVDF) raw materials.

Diameters are available from 0.08mm upto 5.0mm

Wide range usages of monofilament:
- Fashion Accessories: zip fasteners, hook & loop fasteners, sewing thread.
- Industrial Fabric: conveyor belt, paper machine cloth, filtration fabric
- Automotive Industry: protection sleeves & tubing, seating fabric, tire chafers
- Others: artificial grass yarn, tennis & badminton strings, fencing wires.
URL : www.rithai.com
Major Products: Functional Fabric, Outdoor Fabric, Rainwear Fabric, Waterproof Fabric
Company Profile : Established in 1985, YungYaw is a specialty textile supplier in coated fabrics. With a passion for innovation, YungYaw is dedicated to develop new fabrics in new weights, colors, width and constructions to satisfy your most specific needs.

To fulfill your customized fabric and finished goods requirement, YungYaw has the ability to provide total solution service from dyeing, printing, coating to finished product. Our products include Vinyl, PU, TPU, PEVR, TPVR coating which are widely utilized in medical and outdoor series, such as sporting, mountain climbing and camping.

We give customers a winning combination of high quality goods, competitive price, and excellent service. Through many years of continuous hard work and diligence, YungYaw has gained trust and respect from customers. We’ve built an image of reliable and integrity of supply.
URL : www.fabricbackpacks.com